The Introductory Story

At age 14, I began a career as a storyteller. My family owned a radio station and when one of the station’s three copywriters failed to show up for work one summer’s day, I found myself at the keyboard of a cast-iron Royal typewriter like the one shown here. While my high-school friends were waterskiing that summer, I was telling the story of local businesses. The lessons I began to learn from these small-town entrepreneurs about creating awareness, providing personalized experiences and building long-term relationships, I have been able to refine and to apply to organizational storytelling to this day. Today, with a team of a half-dozen people, I write “future stories” for bold and resourceful clients around the world – stories that reflect a shared vision of an organization’s future and that clearly define the steps the leaders of that organization must take to turn their story into a practical and achievable reality. To ensure that the story is supported by the entire organization, we have also developed a proprietary process of collaborative creativity that allows our clients to be the authors of their own success by teaching them how to use written narratives rather than bullet-point presentations as a platform for innovation.